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By: Meg Wolitzer

Relase Date: 2013-04-09

Genre: Fiction & Literature, Literary

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I loved it! The reading isn't easy sometimes, but it's worth it. I recommend it!

Tara A. H.

Excellent, warm, and funny.


The book started off ok but by about half way I began to realize I was totally uninterested in the story and characters. I had kept reading for a while thinking that it would get better/interesting but it didn't and I decided I would rather not waste any more of my time reading it. There are so many better books in the world to read. Why waste any more of my time on this one?


I don't know why this novel received critical acclaim. The characters are unlikeable and frankly not as interesting as they, or the author, seem to think they are. It's like being stuck at a dinner party with a bunch of conceited people who drone on and on about themselves. A good beginning, and a few good subplots, but the ending was bad and overall the book is unsatisfying.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. While I was never a camp kid, I felt very drawn in by each character's story. I was curiously grateful for the honesty on which situations were experienced, resolved, unresolved, expressed, etc. The frankness of the writing ensnared my attention and affected me which I think is quite an accomplishment.


YOU HAVE TO READ THIS! This is such a RARE TREAT of human beauty in ALL of its forms. This is one of the best written and told stories I have read in such a long time. I laughed, cried, related to, and found myself utterly immersed. ENJOY!!!!!


I never write positive reviews for books because they always leave me in some state of disappointment. This is stunning portrait of what it means to love: is selfish, is unkind and basically what you make of it. What I can say about it is this: I am changed after reading it.

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