How a Tokyo Earthquake Could Devastate Wall Street PDF Download

By: Michael Lewis

Relase Date: 2011-03-24

Genre: Economics, Business & Personal Finance

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We know that an author needs to sell books, and fear sells. However, having read The Big Short, I expected more than "the sky is falling!!!! The Sky Is Falling"


Earthquake offers a very interesting look at a the near term and long term effects of crisis in the east. Anyone in the markets today should look at the thoughts here and note the changes already seen from the massive tidal wave in March 2011. This one narrowly missed Tokyo, or do we know yet? While the effects are not (yet) of the scale predicted by Mr. Oda in Earthquake, the effects are visible and interestingly accurate. Natural law applies in everything, finance included. Earthquake reminds us that we might have just dodged a major bullet, or at least been given a little more time to react. Scott Bourquin - Author - "So, Now What?"

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