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By: Louise Penny

Relase Date: 2017-08-29

Genre: British Detectives, Mysteries & Thrillers

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I have read every book in Louise’s Inspector Gamache series. I can say that without a doubt every book is excellent. They can be read as stand alone books but then the reader would miss out on the richness and complexity of the characters and of life itself. Because of Louise’s stories I have grown to enjoy and appreciate poetry. I assume that the author is writing the poetry that is attributed to Ruth. Every line touches me deep within and makes me think and feel. It may seem unlikely to some but I can say that by reading Louise’s books I have become more tolerant and less judgmental of others. Although the greatest gift I come away with after reading one of the author’s books is a newfound nonjudgmental,tolerance of myself,well most of the time anyway. But the sense of self love and acceptance,faults and all, is by far the greatest gift of her stories. Merci.


As always, it is wonderful to be back in Three Pines, following Gamache and the fabulous characters around him.

Brian 57-19

Tough to get into at the beginning, and sometimes difficult to follow the chronology, but worth the effort. The good guys do win in the end, but not without sacrifice and consequence. Overall, enjoyed the read.


Louise Penny is .... oh! What to say? She has created a place of refuge and sanctuary for all of us. I lost my partner about 6 years ago and I will never be the same. But- she is the one who discovered "Still Life." We can be together again... snuggling together at the Bistro in front of the fireplace, reading books together again and forever.


I've read several of Louise Penny's books and admit to being a fan. Her ability to bring place and character to life is profound. This story seems to delve deeper in moral/ethical paradox than her previous work, but never to the detriment of the narrative. In "Glass Houses", I found myself both wanting to read faster to learn what happened next and yet trying to slow down to savor the beauty of the story. In the end, I am even more convinced of her artistry than ever. Louise Penny is a gift.


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This book was fantastic beyond belief. I have always enjoyed Ms Penny's novels but the capture of the impact of the opioids trade was monumental.

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