The Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds PDF Download

By: Michael Lewis

Relase Date: 2016-12-06

Genre: Science & Nature, Health, Mind & Body

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A great look at the birth of behavioural economics and a history of two iconic features in the study of the way we make decisions.


I love psychology but this book was just a bunch of draw out stories about Jewish guys with no real substance. Stopped reading.

Beto de Bernal

Think fast and slow is a great book, a wonder. This book tells the story of two of the brightest minds of the world, spending a lifetime on writing a book. Easy to read, great narrative of one of the most prominent scientific pair in history


I eagerly await all of Michael Lewis's new books as I have read them all. This book unfortunately was not his best. The subject while interesting just droned on and on.


My favorit author write about another favorit authors. Will give 10 stars if I can 😁👍


While opening the recesses of our mind to the hows and whys of our decisions, we are also treated to history details that will inspire and reward our efforts! Bravo Michael!

Bigal 788

I've loved every other book this man has written. This is not one of those books. It starts off in a rather interesting manner with an interesting premise, and then takes you on this journey that goes on and on and on and never develops. I couldn't make it past chapter 5.

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