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By: Darcey Bell

Relase Date: 2017-03-21

Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,

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Absolutely horrible. Hated all the characters. I found it very disturbing. The ending just left us hanging after wasting our time reading this awful book. No clue how this became a move, don’t waste your time reading this, it was just plan bad.

Lynn, Hans pack leader

I believe this author has potential in a big way. However it seemed they got bored which the story line and I walked away at the end feeling I had been set up for a second book. Something like “ and here’s the rest of the story. “ book two $10.99. Or perhaps she just couldn’t find a way to wrap it up that would be at least as believable as the first half had been. I felt a little cheated for my time and my thoughts and my money. But she has writing skills enough to keep me reading all the way to the slightly disappointing ending. I will look for the author again and hope I am not disappointed. Lynn Holmes.


I couldn't put this book down. With so many unexpected twists, this book was definitely one of the best I have read in a while. Would recommend to anyone looking for a suspenseful thriller to read. Look forward to seeing more from this author.


This was a great book, I couldn’t put it down. Highly recommend!


This book was so contrived and the writing was poor and ineffective. The characters are flat. I am surprised this is so popular and disappointed I read it.

Metal Ms

Can’t wait to see the movie now!


What a bunch of idiotic characters. Stephanie is dumbest. What a waste of time.

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